21st Annual Artlink Juried Exhibition


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FOUND:RE Contemporary

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Jason Chakravarty and Jennifer Caldwell

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We created Beecline initially for an 'eco awareness' themed exhibition. The modular nature of the piece and the potential to continue to erode and deteriorate as an installation as components sell contributes to the narrative. This notion relates to both the controlled movement of the bee population and how and where they settle and build a home once relocated. We hope that over the course of the exhibition, to see this installation not only erode and deteriorate but evolve and redefine its own beauty.


Updated statement to the viewer


The above statement has been displayed each time with the installation. A grouping of over 40 components was first shown at Vetri Gallery in Seattle, WA in 2018. Second in Aspen at Raven Gallery. Next the colony traveled to Whidbey Island, WA and lived at Museo Gallery. To complete its second trip of 2019, they were shown in Chicago during SOFA with Habatat Gallery. To begin 2020, they found a home in St. Petersburg, FL with Duncan McClellan. The summer of Covid (2020) they traveled west again to Blue Rain Gallery in Santa Fe, NM. The 21st annual Artlink exhibition at the Found:RE marks the first time in which the piece has been installed at home in its place of conception.


Replicating the migratory beehavior of bees, we have attempted to install this work in two new locations annually. While knowing that some bees stay behind, a few travel elsewhere, new bees are born while others stick with the pack. We are proud of this migration and thank you for contributing to its evolutionary growth cycle. 


Thank you,


Jason Chakravarty and Jennifer Caldwell

Beecline can be purchased as a full installation or individual components.

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