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Cast And Flame

Glass Art By Jennifer Caldwell and Jason Chakravarty

Glass is a versatile material with the distinctive ability to be manipulated in amazing ways. Its possibilities and surprises as an art form increase exponentially in the hands of two artists working collaboratively. Arizona artist couple, Jennifer Caldwell and Jason Chakravarty, under the name JC Squared, combine their talents, ideas and individual expertise to discover new and diverse ways of creating with glass. Caldwell and Chakravarty, self-defined as “process junkies,” utilize a full spectrum of both hot and cold working techniques to cast, torch, blow, print, grind, cut and blend glass. Their shared personal observations, life experiences and travel fuel the flame of their work. Narrative driven sculptures that explore the parallel relationships between humans and bees, and vessels that reveal hidden underwater worlds offer a point of departure for the viewer to imagine realities different from their own. This exhibition presents glass artworks that are both playful in their application and nostalgic in their subject matter. Holding memories unique to the artists, they provide a glimpse into their lives and the ways they view the world. From barnacle covered buoys to busy bees, Caldwell and Chakravarty creatively push the boundaries of what glass can become.

About The Artists























Jennifer Caldwell is internationally renowned for sculpting glass using a torch. Humor, whimsy and imagination are a cathartic aspect of Jennifer’s studio practice that allows her to address serious emotions from a place of playfulness. Objects from her experience become beautiful, yet un-functional, or are combined in a way to see the paradoxes through which Jennifer views the world. “Glass is, at once, fragile and strong, beautiful and dangerous, full of movement and static. These paradoxes lend themselves to speaking of conflicting ideas that inevitably accompany each other in the mind and throughout life’s experiences.”


Jason Chakravarty creates glass sculptures through various glass casting, blowing and coldworking methods and also has experience with neon. His most recent works are semi-autobiographical and reflect on human relationships, communication and social networking. “Glass can be anything; thick, thin, shiny, dull, rough, smooth, transparent, or opaque. It is the only material that can capture light. While material and notably glass are important, my emphasis is within the narrative.”

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Jennifer_Jason-9_10_21_75_no-blu copy.jpg

BeeCome Connected

19”x12”x7” cast/flame worked/mold blown/ladled/sandblasted glass 


Half Empty Until Further Notice

13”x2”cast/flame worked/sandblasted glass


7”x5”x12” cast/flame worked glass

Blue Whale Vase.jpg


15”x9” blown/flame worked/sandblasted glass 

Blue Whale Vase.jpg

Outlining Our Position

30”x22”x2” cast/flame worked glass

Paper Silhouettes Being Pulled Into The Sea

19”x3” cast/flame worked/sandblasted glass

Bee Drop.jpg

BeeCome Connected

19”x12”x7” cast/flame worked/mold blown/ladled/sandblasted glass 

Sweet Temptation

14”x8” blown/flame worked glass

Sweeten The  Pot

15”x5”x7” blown/flame worked/sandblasted glass

Sweeten the pot.jpg
vase (2).jpg

Calm Sea

16”x7” blown/flame worked/sandblasted glass

Poised Serenity

13”x2” cast/flame worked/sandblasted glass

buoys copy.jpg

2 of 5  Buoys

12”-20” height 3”-8” diameter blown/flame worked/sandblasted glass

Red Octopus

12"x4" flame worked

red octopus.jpg

Slipping Away

21”x9”x4” flame worked glass and steel 

Neutral being.jpg

Neutral Being

14”x10”x4” cast glass and steel

Jennifer_Jason-9_10_21_75_no-blu copy.jpg

BeeCome Connected

19”x12”x7” cast/flame worked/mold blown/ladled/sandblasted glass 

Neutral Being

14”x10”x4” cast glass and steel

Neutral being.jpg


24”x38”x7” cast/flame worked glass 


Town And Country

22”x12”x8” blown/flame worked glass


Emit and Expel

18”x16”x3” cast/flame worked/sandblasted glass


Flame worked glass

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