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Head In The Clouds


Mesa Arts Museum presents Head in The Clouds, a two person collaborative solo exhibition of narrative driven sculptural glass created by Jennifer Caldwell and Jason Chakravarty. The exhibition, on display January 15-April 3, 2022, features two site specific installations and a handful of sculptures. 

Head in The Clouds encompasses the overshadowing cognitive weight felt during the pandemic. For Jennifer and Jason, the pandemic reprogrammed the normal yet ever changing daily cues which fed their artwork. The artists narrative backdrop which directly influences their sculptural glass has often been illustrated through the extensive and regularity of traveling globally to lecture and discuss the field of glass, participating in artist residencies, and teaching short intensive workshops. The onset of the pandemic cancelled all upcoming and scheduled events.


The artists considered the motivation to create. During a pandemic, who is their audience? From a business standpoint, who is investing in art? As well as, now that they were no longer traveling where do the ideas come from?


Head In the Clouds. The artists commitment and resiliency for creating art, redirected the focus of their narrative to a romantic regurgitation of optimistic fiction.



Special Thanks to: The Mesa Arts Museum Team notably Judy Dahms-Brouillard, Tiffany Fairall, Frank Gonzales, Laura Jacobson, and Colette Pecenka. Lacey Dollahite and Gaffer Glass, Larry Graham and Graham's Neon, John Longo and SW Art Glass, Russell Youngs and Blue Media. Thank you all for your support, time and resources with this exhibition. 

View additional works at:



Cast glass, aluminum
(1000 cranes installed onto 6 clouds)



Shelter From The Storm

Flameworked, fused, slumped, and ladle cast glass,
23 x 16 x 16”

Intuitive Percipitation

Argon tubing, sculpted and sandblasted glass,


Forget Me Not

Flameworked, cast, patte d’verre, and sandblasted

12 x 14 x 16”

Beecome Connected

Cast, flameworked, sandblasted glass,
16 x 10 x 8”



Cast, flameworked, and sandblasted glass
16 x 10 x 8”


Wishful Thinking

Mold blown and hand sculpted glass, and found objects
22 x 9 x 9”


The Need For Rest

cast and flameworked glass

17 x 5 x 5”

White Bred

Cast and sandblasted glass 

4"x 4" (25 total pieces)


Cast and flameworked glass

11 x 9 x 6”

Half Empty

Cast, flameworked, and sandblasted glass
12 x 12 x 2”


Poised Serenity

Cast, flameworked, and sandblasted glass
12 x 12 x 2”


Southern Comfort

Blown and flameworked glass

16 x 10 x 10”

Paper Silhouettes Being Pulled Into The Sea

Cast, flameworked, and sandblasted glass
18 x 18 x 2”


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